Agile Business Intelligence


As part of an ongoing release of all my training material following the launch of my book, I am releasing my training course "Agile Business Intelligence" under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. That is, you are free to share, copy, and adapt any part of this training course for your own purposes. All materials, including examples are available for download from this page.

This 1 day course will cover the processes and workflows required to manage a Business Intelligence (BI) team or project in a flexible, iterative and agile manner. Based on common Agile management methods, this course will describe how to manage workflow, BI development, information requests, and customer engagement. The goal of this course is to show you how to improve customer satisfaction, improve development processes and reduce total BI costs.

Course Features

  • An in-depth analysis of BI management using Agile methods, including Scrum, Test Driven Development and Feature Driven Design
  • How to manage a BI project from planning, through initial capability development, to your day to day operation.
  • Using continuous integration technologies to ensure accuracy and quality of information and reports.
  • How to use Agile task and workload management tools for a BI team.
  • The course will be customised to the participants organisational requirements.
  • Highly interactive through case studies and theoretical modelling.

Course Notes

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Course Slides

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Participant Benefits

Participants will leave this course with a clear understanding of how Agile methods can be used to help run Business Intelligence teams and projects, as well the ability to apply these methods within their organisation. Participants will also gain a clear understanding of agile management methodologies, and how these can improve general business processes. Finally participants will learn how to optimise development times, improve client satisfaction and reduce development cost through class discussions and workshops.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for managers of all BI teams and projects, regardless of their size, maturity, or product base. People wishing to enrol in this course should have a good understanding of the BI development life cycle.


  • The Business Intelligence Team
    • The Role of Developers
    • The Role of Business and Data Analysts
  • Scrum for Business Intelligence
    • Project Roles (including Scrum Master, Product Owner and the Team)
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Writing Unit Tests for Business Intelligence
    • Testing the ETL process
    • Testing data for appropriateness
    • Testing Report Output
  • Continuous Integration for Business Intelligence
  • Tracking and Reporting
    • Burndown Charts
    • Dealing with Scope Creep
    • Early-trend and Feedback Metrics
    • Reporting to “Customers”
  • Developing your Business Intelligence Capability
  • Running Your Day-to-Day Operations
  • Business Intelligence Iterations