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Who is Evan Leybourn?

Evan pioneered the field of Agile Business Management; applying the successful concepts and practices from the Lean and Agile movements to corporate management. He keeps busy as a business leader, consultant, non-executive director, conference speaker, internationally published author and father.

Evan has a passion for building effective and productive organisations, filled with actively engaged and committed people. Only through this, can organisations flourish. His experience while holding senior leadership and board positions in both private industry and government has driven his work in business agility and he regularly speaks on these topics at local and international industry conferences.

As well as writing "Directing the Agile Organisation", Evan currently leads the Business Agility Institute to advocate for agile organisations around the world. As always, all thoughts, ideas and comments are his own and do not represent his clients.



  • "In this book, Evan Leybourn takes the concepts of "lean" and "agile" and shows how they can be used to run your entire company, not just the software development team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a number of practical case studies to show that not only CAN you run your business in an agile way, you SHOULD." - Alex Raymond (Kapta)
  • "A recommended read" - SoftEd
  • "Controversial topic, delivered gently and charismatically. Though raises more questions (which is good)" - Feedback from AgileEE
  • "Simplified way of presenting concepts & we could relate to our work environment" - ST Ericsson
  • "[Evan] is very innovative and has a great ability to get everyone involved" - Dell
  • "Clear concepts of the subject, Best practices based on experiences" - UCBC

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