Advanced Agile Methods

Improve your understanding of Agile Project Management, discover the latest Agile methods and learn new ways to run your Agile teams!

Traditional software project management is based on hierarchically driven, fixed outcome systems and processes. Agile project management, however, is an iterative planning & development approach that can be applied, day-to-day, to improve overall quality and customer satisfaction.

This one day course is for managers & developers already familiar with Agile project management and provides an advanced forum for practitioners to discuss and learn. This course aims to provide the tools for software managers and teams to improve customer satisfaction through the rapid and continuous delivery of useful software. We also look at how to use the best of traditional (or waterfall) processes within Agile techniques.

Participant Benefits

This course is designed to supplement and expand on your experience of Agile. Focusing on several popular agile methods; including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and Test Driven Development, this course will also teach ways of engaging effectively with customers, stakeholders and developers.

During this comprehensive one day course, the participants will:

  • Gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of agile management methods and how these are applied across the industry.
  • Examine how agile has been successfully implemented and learn from those that failed.
  • Improve your software estimation processes at the Story and Task level.
  • Participate in workshops to improve progress tracking and reporting.
  • Discover new ways of managing software teams.

Who Should Attend

This course is for managers, project managers & developers who have attended the previous Agile Methods course or who have at least 1 year of practical agile experience.

People wishing to enrol in this course should have a good understanding the software development life cycle.


    • Overview of the Agile Manifesto
    • Applications of Agile Methods
      • Scrum
      • Test Driven Development
      • Feature Driven Design
      • Extreme Programming
      • Kanban
    • Coaching Agile in your Organisation
    • How Agile Roles Work
      • Understanding the Product Owner
      • Self Organising Teams
    • Distributed Agile Teams
    • Project Initiation (Sprint 0)
    • Agile Enterprise Architecture
    • Using the Backlogs
    • Advanced Estimation and Measurement
    • Learning from the Burndown Chart
    • Planning Agile with Fixed Constraints (Cost, Time, Scope)
    • Improving the Iteration Planning Process
    • Pair Programming; Pros and Cons
    • Development Standards & Practices
    • Advanced Test Driven Development
    • Using the Retrospective
    • Successful Implementation
      • Applications Development
      • Distributed Development
      • Business Intelligence
    • Failed Implementation
      • Customer Engagement
      • Staff Skills & Training
      • Appropriate Infrastructure Environments
      • Insufficient Up-front Planning