Leading Technical Teams

This 2 day interactive course will show you how to effectively lead and manage a technical team. This course will show you how technical groups work, how to motivate them and how to deal with conflict. For leaders who are building up their team, we will show how to effectively grow your team, emphasising and utilising individual strengths. We will also look at the characteristics of a successful leader in a world with high expectations. Lastly we will look at the tools available to assist in managing your yourself and your team.

Course Features

  • An in-depth analysis of team dynamics and how they differ for technical teams compared to other teams.
  • Dealing with conflict in technical teams.
  • A focus on effective and targeted management
  • A look at online management tools that can help in resource, workload, and time management.
  • Techniques to grow your team with the right skills.
  • Techniques to reduce overtime while maintaining your schedule.
  • Encouraging your staff to work independently, while mitigating any risks.
  • Tools and techniques to monitor and track your teams workload.
  • Case studies of successful leaders.
  • The course will be customised to the participants organisational requirements.
  • Highly interactive through case studies and workshops.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their team leading and management skills including;

  • Team members transitioning into Team Leaders.
  • Existing managers leading a technical team for the first time.
  • Existing managers looking to further their leadership behaviour and skills.


  • The link between your teams and the organisational culture
  • Liaising between technical and non-technical teams
  • Your priority – your team or your project
  • Creating job satisfaction for your team
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Staff professional development – embrace learning
  • Quality Assurance – testing and clearing your teams work
  • Growing your team
  • Firing staff
  • Manage priorities and balancing competing demands
  • Workload and resource management and monitoring
  • Effective time management
  • Running day-to-day operations vs ad-hoc requests
  • Rating your leadership skills (including 360 degree survey)
  • Case studies of successful technical leaders
  • Online Management Tools
  • Open and Transparent Governance