Business Hackathon (no coding necessary)

Traditional business models are struggling to keep up with the needs of the modern economy. While business has never been predictable, technological and cultural change is occurring at faster rates than ever before. In this climate, modern enterprises live or die on their ability to adapt – which is where Business Agility comes in. Business Agility provides a context for organisations to embrace change; changing how to think, changing how to work and changing how to interact.

But is your business agile? I don’t just mean IT - I mean Finance, HR, Marketing - your very organisational DNA. If not, let’s hack your organisation to embed business agility.

What is a hackathon. Hacking is creative problem solving. (It does not have to be about technology) and a hackathon is any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems (from In this mini-hackathon, bring your business ideas and problems, and let’s solve them together. It could be an ineffective business process (project management to #noprojects anyone), a market opportunity, or maybe you want to find new ways of engaging staff and customers.


Before the hackathon:

  • Come prepared and understand your problem
  • Bring a team. They don’t all have to be from your own organisation, bring folks who are passionate. Don’t have a team, don’t worry - we’ll form teams on the day as well.

During the hackathon (Phase 1):

  • Split into teams of 3-6 people.
  • We’ll dive deeply into the problem domain - examining stakeholders and existing processes
  • Using design thinking techniques, we’ll ideate, rank and refine potential solutions

During the hackathon (Phase 2):

  • Hack it - this could involve creating future state value-stream-maps, communication and change plans, new organisation structures.

After the conference:

  • We’ll regroup (virtually) as a team a week or two after the event to see how effectively the adoption of the hack is going…