The Role of Quality Control in Cross-Functional Teams

It should go without saying that quality control, whether formal & systematic, or informal & ad-hoc, is a critical requirement in the delivery of every product. However, as the goal of Agile projects & teams is the adaptable and incremental delivery of the product, the expectation on quality control is to also be incremental and adaptable. This means that, within each team, testers are expected to complete quality control tests at the same rate as the software is delivered within each iteration.

How then, do the roles and responsibilities of test and quality control professionals change within an Agile team. This presentation will look at some of these, and provide guidance on how you can thrive in this new business environment. This includes;

  • Cross-Functional & Self-Organising testers
  • Understanding where testing sits within the Agile development lifecycle
  • Writing iterative test cases
  • The interface between the testers and the customers & how to ensure that deliverable quality meets customer expectations.
  • Continuous regression and integration testing