The Agile Business Leader

The modern economy is changing rapidly; technologies (such as social media, big data, mobility, 3d printing, home genotyping, etc) that did not exist 10 years ago are becoming the foundation of successful businesses. In order to leverage this new economy, business leaders need to become, in a word, Agile. This short presentation will introduce the concepts of Agile Business Management and the role of the business leader. We will look at the responsibilities for business leaders in governance, strategy, and facilitation, with the ultimate goal of removing all impediments that restrict the efficient flow of your teams work.

This presentation will end with some practical guidance on developing business agility based on the values, principles and frameworks from the agile software movement.

Learning Outcomes

To make you think about your role as a manager. Understand the role of the manager in an adaptable, agile business. See how to drive change within your organisation towards greater business agility as a means of promoting business growth.