Sketchnoting #noprojects

What does #noprojects look like?

As you probably all know, I am working on a new book on #noprojects. For my recent presentation on the topic at Agile Brazil, I sketched out the salient points for my talk. As a side note, this was my first go at presenting without slides and it went brilliantly.


I’m curious to see if it makes sense to you. It looks at 5 key areas;

  1. The history of project management from the 1690’s to today.
  2. The definition of a project and,
  3. Why that’s wrong.
  4. The alternative to projects - #noprojects and the emergence of the modern continuous culture.
  5. Then we go into some of the practices; outcome profiles, cross-functional teams, working principles and the activity canvas.


-Evan, Singapore

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