Bonus idea for the week - Forget the RACI

A short post for a short week. Very simply, Forget the RACI.

For too long managers have been beholden to the RACI. A detailed list of people who are accountable and responsible for the project and to whom the project must consult and inform.

But I suggest that you should forget the RACI because there is only one person needed on that list; the “A” – Accountable. It is up to them to ensure the appropriate people are engaged*.

That means projects, documents, processes and common activities are given an accountable owner. They manage, signoff, approve and control the delivery** of their respective outcomes. If someone needs to be engaged (whether consulted or informed), it is their job to ensure that the appropriate collaboration happens.

*That’s not to say you can’t create specific RACIs as needed, but they should be informative rather than compulsory lists.

**That doesn’t mean they do the work.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.